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Together, we are Wild Survivors.

A UK registered charity with elephant conservation projects in Tanzania which focus on combatting human-elephant conflict (HEC) in East Africa. This little know issue is one of the greatest threats to elephants today. Millions of elephants used to roam the vast plains and forests across Africa. Today, less than 500,000 remain. Habitat loss, ivory poaching, and conflict with people sharing wild spaces are driving elephants closer to extinction.

Our community-led projects create meaningful coexistence with elephants using natural, sustainable solutions such as beehive fences, powered by our donors and managed by communities who live in close proximity to crop-raiding elephants. Did you know, elephants fear bees? These powerful pollinators keep elephants away from farmland and the nutritious crops they enjoy feasting on. Retaliation attacks are prevented, and the elephants are guided back to the safety of the forests and their elephant migration corridor - the same route you can complete on our Big Stomp virtual challenge!

Wild Survivors beehive fence project

One of our major new projects you will be supporting by completing the challenge, is the Women's Beekeepers' Enterprise Programme.  This seeks to empower women who live alongside the elephant corridor to become beekeepers and forest conservationists. Beekeeping livelihoods help to build financial independence for women and a means to purchase alternative fuel for cooking and heating their homes, preventing dangerous interactions with wildlife when collecting firewood from the forest habitat. We have just completed the first Enteprise Hub installation, check it out below!

From the beehive fence, farmers develop new livelihoods in beekeeping, improving food security and benefiting crops and the biodiversity of forests which the bees pollinate.

With your help, we can reach conflict hotspots faster and introduce innovative solutions to support communities on the frontline of coexistence with wildlife. Protecting biodiversity, improving farming practices, and changing negative perceptions towards elephants. 

Thank you! To learn more please visit: www.wildsurvivors.org



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